Caller Name Announcer Pro App Download

Caller Name Announcer Pro App Download: Friends since a long time everyone has been demanding that tell us about some application that when we receive a call that application speaks the name of the caller so that we can understand it and directly hang up and pick up the call.. So friends today we have one such application. I am coming with a cool app this app name is caller name announcer pro so let’s know more about this app.

Caller Name Announcer Pro App Download

Friends when we are driving we get a little disturbed when someone calls us so we should not pick up anyone’s phone while driving but if that call is necessary then we have to stop the car and pick it up but at the same time we If it comes to know that it is from the phone company or we have put the person whose phone. we don’t want to pick up then this application will tell you the name of the person directly.

So when we get a call while driving we get a bit disturbed and then in such a situation we remember only one thing in our mind that someone calls on our phone and without looking at any phone we know who it is. It will be.. Many times we are working at home when the phone is a little far from us but we have to put our important work and see whose phone it is, today all your problems can be solved by this application.

By using this app called Caller Announcer, your many tasks will be done easily because when you are doing some important work and you don’t want to pick up any unnecessary phone then you can easily do it with this app after downloading this app. you have to turn off your phone No need to see who is calling you.

Caller Name Announcer Pro App – Highlights

Application NameCaller Name Announcer Pro
AvailableGoogle Play store & Google
Total Downloads10+
Star Ratings4.2+
Application Size13 MB
Made ByJaredCo
Article TypeApps

What is Caller Name Announcer Pro App?

You can easily download Caller Name Announcer Pro App free from google play store. this app is specially designed for people who drive a lot and spend their time driving and busy time because if you are driving and someone calls you If you do, you don’t have to park your car anymore because this app will directly tell you who is calling you and which phone you need to pick up and which phone you don’t.. This app has been downloaded by more than 10 million people.

How to Use Caller Name Announcer Pro App?

First of all you have to go to google play store in your smartphone and search for the app called Caller Name Announce app then you will have to download the first app that will be shown to you out of many apps.

When this application is downloaded in your mobile then click on the option named install on it open the application after installation. In the one that asks for permission, say yes, then in this app there will be an option called pitch test, do a pitch test.

When you click on spice test you will hear a sound and after that you will get a text message it will say successful and in it you have to click on OK option finally in this application man window will open and there are calling audio SMS, WhatsApp etc many The option will appear, you have to check all the options.

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How to Set Up Caller Name Announcer Pro App?

If you want to set who’s name announce pro application then go to audio setting and you can set the volume speech rate speech setting according to your preference. In the setting you will also see many options. You can also select what you want to hear from here.

How to do Set up WhatsApp on Caller Name Announcer Pro App?

You can WhatsApp chat in Caller Name Announce Pro App With SMS, and Calls. For that you need to give some special settings permission. Then On WhatsApp Name Announcer on this Application for Listen name from massage coming in WhatsApp.

Features of Caller Name Announcer Pro App

  • Here, we discuss some features of Caller Name Announcer Pro App which has been below:
  • This application gives you a Callers who are calling on your number.
  • This app also speak the name of SMS and WhatsApp Messenger who are message you.
  • This Application is available on Google play store to Download.
  • There is a Option to save and call back missed call numbers and no answer call numbers.
  • Identify unknown numbers that are not in your contact list with this Application’s Caller ID function.

How to Download Caller Name Announcer Pro App?

There are some steps to Download Caller Name Announcer Pro App, Which helps you can download This application Free:

  • First of All visit Google play store.
  • Now search and find Caller Name Announcer Pro App.
  • Now you have to First App on your Android Mobile screen
  • Now tap and download that Application.
  • Now set up application as we said upper post.

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