Aeronautical Engineering Course Details, Duration & Eligibility

Aeronautical Engineering Course Details, Duration & Eligibility : In this article, we will know how to become an Aeronautical Engineer?, What is Aeronautical Engineering?, What does Aeronautical Engineering mean?, What should be the educational qualification for this course, apart from these questions, you will get detailed information about some other questions here.

Aeronautical Engineer means aeronautical engineer. Most of the students don’t have extensive knowledge about this subject, still this is not a concern as we will give you detailed information about this subject, only you have to read this article till the end so that you can understand the complete information.

Most of the students want to make a living as a doctor, engineer, police, bank manager, air hostess or company secretary as they are among the most popular posts in India, that’s why students study in these fields.

The work of aeronautical engineers is increasing rapidly and the employment opportunities are also increasing in this field, so if students are thinking of pursuing a career in this field or studying this course, then this article can help you.


What is Aeronautical Engineering ?

We all know that there is a need for an engineer in every field because an engineer in that field can understand it intelligently like a civil engineer is required to build a building, a mechanical engineer is required to make or develop a vehicle, a software engineer’s job is to create software, to fix it when there is a defect. It is crafted by a specialist.

Similarly, the job of an Aeronautical Engineer is to maintain or develop aircraft equipment, inspect electronic equipment, refuel, design aircraft equipment or check time intervals etc. ….

To become an aeronautical engineer you have to study aeronautical engineering. After completing your studies and tanning you can become an aeronautical engineer, as will be known in the next article.

How to Become aeronautical Engineer after 12th?

High School: To become an aeronautical engineer you need to focus on math, science and English after 10th so that you can study further and become an aeronautical engineer.

Intermediate: If you have passed higher and now it is your turn to study intermediate, you should choose PCM i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics only and study diligently and pass Intermediate with 60% marks.

Graduate Level Entrance Examination: After passing 12 B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) or prepare for B.E (Bachelor of Engineer) or course entrance exam for Aeronautical Engineering. You can take AIEEE, SIT, HITSEEE, IIA, IIST entrance exams to get admission in these courses.

Post Graduate Label Entrance Exam: If you want to do post graduation in Aeronautical, you can take the entrance exam for M.E (Master Engineer) or course, you can pass GAT and do Post Graduate in Aeronautical Engineering.

After passing the entrance exam: If you pass the entrance exam and get admission in BE and BTech courses, you will get the degree after completing the training in three to four years.

Apply for a job: After completing a course in aeronautical engineering and obtaining a degree, you can apply for and get a job in national, international government and private airlines.

Aeronautical Engineering Course Details, Duration & Eligibility

Aeronautical Engineer Education Requirements

  • The minimum educational qualification to study aeronautical engineer is 12th pass.
  • Pass Intermediate with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects only.
  • You can apply for entrance exam only after minimum 60% marks in 12th otherwise you can not apply.

Questions from these subjects are asked in the entrance exam.

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

Aeronautical Engineering Age Limit in India

An age limit is fixed for completion of each course, minimum age for doing aeronautical engineering course should be 17 and maximum 25 years and candidates in reserved category get 5 years exemption.

Aeronautical Engineering fees in India

Aeronautical engineering fees vary from college to college, but the average fee for a full four-year course can range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 5 lacs.

Aeronautical Engineer salary in India

The education of most students depends on the question of how much salary I can earn by becoming an aeronautical engineer, so we are going to answer this question.

Aeronautical engineers can get jobs in national, international government and non-government airlines and there is a big difference in the salaries of these airlines. But if we talk about getting an average salary, the salary of an aeronautical engineer in a government airline can be 25 thousand to 35 thousand rupees a month, the same in a private airline, the salary of an engineer can be 50 thousand 1.50 lakh.

Thus the salary belongs to the aeronautical engineer but private airlines pay more than the government aeronautics engineer.

Top Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in India with Fees

Aeronautical Engineering CollageAeronautical Engineering Address
Gurugram Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and TechnologyNagpur, Maharashtra
Mohammad Sethak Engineering CollegeKeelakarai, Tamil Nadu
Tagore Engineering CollegeChennai, Tamil Nadu
Park College of Engineering and TechnologyKaniyur, Tamil Nadu
Institute of Aeronautical and EngineeringBhopal, Madhya Pradesh (MP)
Punjab Engineering CollegeChandigarh, Punjab
Nehru College of Engineering and Research CenterThiruvilwamala, Kerala
School of AeronauticsDwarka, Gujarat
Hindustan Institute of Engineering TechnologySalamangalam, Tamil Nadu
Jain University (Deemed-to-be University)Bengaluru, Karnataka
Manipal Institute of TechnologyManipal, Karnataka
MVJ Engineering CollegeBengaluru, Karnataka
MNR College of Engineering & TechnologyFasalwadi, Telangana
Madras Institute of TechnologyChennai, Tamil Nadu
Wright Brothers Institute of Aeronautical EngineeringNew Delhi

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Aeronautical Engineering Jobs in India

If you want to become a government aeronautical engineer, you can be appointed by these institutes.

  • DRDO : Defense Research and Development Laboratories
  • HAL : Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd.
  • ISRO : Indian Spares Research Organization
  • Ministry of Defense Government of India
  • National Aeronautical Laboratory
  • Department of Civil Aviation

Apart from these institutes, aeronautical engineers can also make their career.

  • Airline
  • Flying Club
  • Private airline
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Corporation
  • Aeronautical Laboratories
  • Aeronautical Development Establishment

You can start your career by joining these organizations.

This is how you know today how to become an Aeronautical Engineer ?, What is Aeronautical Engineering ?, Aeronautical Engineering Meaning ?, What should be the educational qualification for this? Those related questions have been resolved. We hope you all enjoy our information. Thank You!!

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