How to Become a Police Constable in Gujarat?

How to Become a Police Constable in Gujarat?

How to Become a Police Constable in Gujarat? : If we talk about Gujarat, the scope of police constable in Gujarat is very high. In this article we will know how to prepare for how to become a police constable, what are the qualifications, how much salary is there.

Apart from all these questions, you will also get the answer to your second question in detail in this article. Many students in Gujarat do not have extensive knowledge on this subject but this is not a matter of concern. Because we will give you complete information on this topic only you have to read this article till the end.

Most of the students want to get jobs in the posts like Village Secretary, Non secretarial, Head clerk, SSC, Bank officer, Lawyer, all these posts are among the popular posts as well as the demand of police constable recruitment is increasing in this age, so many genuine students are in this field. Can create their own future. If you pass with good marks then you can become police constable by necessity.

Police Constable Gujarat

Police full form in Gujarati

  • A police constable is called a “Rashtriy Janrakshak” in Gujarati. This may sound a bit strange but this is its full name
  • Often in competitive exams if police constable Gujarati full form is asked then you can write Rashtriya Janrakshak.

Police Inspector qualification in Gujarat

To pass police constable exam in Gujarat and to fill the form in it must have passed class 12 with any stream.

Generally in police constable recruitment there is no mention in which stream you have passed class 12th you can fill the form only if you have passed class 12th in that stream.

Gujarat Police Constable age limit

There is an age limit fixed by police recruitment board to apply police constable recruitment if you don’t come within the age limit fixed by govt then you can’t apply police constable.

Minimum age for police constable is fixed as 18 years and maximum age is 36 years by police recruitment board if your age is more than 36 years then you can not apply for police constable recruitment.

Gujarat Police Bharti Physical Test details PDF

While applying for police constable recruitment candidate should be fully healthy physically and mentally and should not be suffering from any serious illness if any candidate is below the height and weight as well as the figure fixed by police recruitment board then he/she is not well suited for this recruitment. Decision is made if not pass the physical test then that student can’t appear in the written test if applying for police constable should have good healthy weight and height then you can clear the physical test

Gujarat Police Constable height

Gujarat Police Constable height for male

In police constable recruitment a male does not pass the test if his height and weight are not average Height should be at least 165 centimeters for general category.

As far as the height of the candidate other than general category is concerned then his height should be minimum 162 cm if his height is not 162 cm then he will not pass this test.

Gujarat Police Constable height for female

The same rule applies to women as men but there is a slight variation in the height figures for general category women the minimum height should be 155 cm and for non-general category women the height should be 150 cm.

Gujarat Police Constable weight

Know more about weight Weight is also included in physical fitness in police constable Police recruitment board has set a limit of 50 kg for men and 40 kg for women, If a candidate is 50 kg or below for men then he fails the police constable physical test and if women weigh below 40 kg then they are also not considered to have passed the physical test.

Gujarat Police constable chest size

One more physical test has to be passed for men like height and weight. A candidate will be considered eligible only if he has the chest as determined by the Police Recruitment Board. Generally, men should have a chest size of 79 to 84 centimeters.

Apart from this, if the candidate has any kind of physical defect, he/she will be considered physically unfit and will not be selected. like..

  • Varicose veins
  • A swollen thumb
  • flat feet
  • Unstable breaking limb
  • haunting eyes
  • Rotten teeth
  • A swollen chest
  • Infectious skin disease
  • The defect of color blindness
  • Bending strain

Gujarat Police Constable running time (Male)

  • If the candidate completes in 20 minutes or less then he is awarded 25 marks
  • If a candidate completes in more than 20 minutes and less than 20.30 minutes, he is awarded 24 marks.
  • If a candidate completes in more than 20.30 minutes and less than 21 minutes he is awarded 23 marks.
  • If a candidate completes in more than 21 minutes and less than 21.30 minutes, he is awarded 22 marks.
  • If a candidate completes in more than 21.30 minutes and less than 22 minutes, he is awarded 20 marks.
  • A candidate who completes the race in more than 22 minutes and less than 22.30 minutes is awarded 18 marks.
  • 16 marks if he completes one and a half in more than 22.30 minutes and less than 23 minutes
  • If a candidate completes in more than 23 minutes and less than 23.30 minutes, he is awarded 14 marks.
  • If more than 23.30 minutes and less than 24 minutes are completed, 12 marks are awarded
  • If a candidate completes more than 26 minutes and less than 25 minutes, he is awarded 10 marks
  • Candidates completing the run in more than 25 minutes are disqualified

Gujarat Police Constable running time (Female)

Physical fitness test for women candidates means run of sixteen hundred meters to be completed within 9.30 minutes.

Aptitude test has total 25 marks and you are given marks based on how much time you complete the run in. Let’s know how much marks is awarded to a female candidate if she completes the run in time?..

  • A candidate who completes the run in 7 minutes or less is awarded 25 marks
  • If a candidate completes in more than 7 minutes and less than 7.30 minutes, he will be awarded 23 marks
  • If a female candidate completes one and a half in more than 7.30 minutes and less than 8 minutes, 21 marks shall be awarded to her.
  • is
  • If a candidate completes in more than 8 minutes and less than 8.30 minutes, he is awarded 18 marks
  • If a female candidate completes the race in more than 8.30 minutes and less than 9 minutes, she is awarded 15 marks.
  • Women candidates completing the race in more than 9.30 minutes are disqualified

Note : All the candidates who qualify the Physical Ability Test and Physical Criteria Test are called for the written test.

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Gujarat police constable salary

Most of the students have a question that how much salary can I get as a police constable? So we have tried to answer you here on this topic.

Police constables are divided into both central and political divisions. There is a lot of variation in the Gujarat Government Police Recruitment Board than the Central Government, but if we talk about the average pattern, the salary of Gujarat Government Police Constable is Rs. 19,950/- per month.

According to Sarkarshree’s rule, you will be entitled to pay only 19,950 for the first five years and if you have performed your duty faithfully in those five years, then after five years you will be entitled to Rs. 56,900/-.

Note : Salary scale can be revised and increased by Govt.

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