Ph.D Course Details, Eligibility, Duration & Fees

Ph.D Course Details, Eligibility, Duration & Fees : Today everyone wants a good job so that the future can be made bright, but now higher education has been made mandatory in many institutions to get a job in a higher position.

Doing a PhD (Ph.D. – “Doctor of Philosophy”) means mastering your favorite subject. It can be any subject. When you like a subject so much that you want to go to the bottom of it, to know everything about it, then you should pursue a PhD degree in that subject. By doing this you become an expert in that subject but many people have very little information about how many years a PhD is and how to do a PhD.

You get prestige in PhD and you have Dr. before your name. But at the same time you are satisfied with your studies because you have learned everything about your favorite subject. If you do a PhD course, you become a master in that means you get a lot of knowledge in that subject. If you want to do this course but you don’t know how to do PhD and what is the duration of PhD course then in this article you will get answers to all your questions.

If you also don’t know to pursue your field and subject then read this page completely, you will know how to do PhD, how to prepare for PhD after MA, complete information like- What is PhD, PhD Eligibility, Fees, subjects, exam details and how many years PhD is for etc. can be known from here.

Ph.D Course Details

Ph.D Course Details, Eligibility, Duration & Fees

What is PhD course?

A Doctor of Philosophy is a doctoral degree that requires you to study a specific subject. The course of PhD (PhD duration) is 3 years. Which you can complete in 6 years. After doing this degree, the word Doctor is prefixed to your name. You can also do a PhD to become a professor or lecturer in a university or for in-depth study in a particular subject if you want. You get a lot of knowledge about the subject in which you do PhD and you are called an expert in that subject.

You can do this course only after completing graduation. You can turn into a teacher in a school. Do 12th and master degree in the subject you are interested in.

PhD full form

The full form of PhD is “Doctor Of Philosophy”, known as “Doctor of Philosophy” in Gujarati. A PhD is a doctoral degree.

PhD duration in India

A PhD is a doctoral research degree. Generally, the duration of a PhD course is 3 years and a student can complete it within a maximum of 6 years.

PhD course eligibility

If you want to do PhD, the qualifications you should have are given below.

  • To do PhD you must have passed 12th post graduation.
  • Along with this, you must have 55% in your master’s degree.
  • You must have a master’s degree in the subject in which you want to pursue a PhD.
  • Along with this, you need to clear the entrance exam for Ph.D.

How to do PhD course in India ?

To do PhD you need to be dedicated towards the subject. You have to make that subject a part of your life with your heart. When you read that subject, you should feel like you are not learning but having fun.

Complete information about what to do for PhD or how to do PhD is given below Step-wise Guide in which we will tell you in detail about how to do PhD and how you can apply for it.

PhD courses after 12th

As a qualification for PhD, firstly pass 12th in your stream of interest. If you still don’t know which subject you want to pursue and do PhD, then pass class 12 with your most preferred subject in mind.

PhD after graduation in India

After 12th you will have an idea of ​​what subject you are most interested in and want to learn more about. So apply for graduation in the same subject and complete your studies.

PhD after post graduation

After studying your favorite subject for 3 years, you will understand which part of that subject interests you the most. So, by specializing in it, complete a master’s degree study, which is of 2 years duration. You should have minimum 55% marks in this course.

PhD after UGC NET

If you want to know about how to do PhD after MA, let us tell you that for any course you have to take an entrance exam. Similarly, for PhD, you have to clear the UGC NET exam. So apply after post graduate course and clear UGC NET Test. By doing this you fully qualify for PhD.

PhD entrance exam

How to get admission in PhD? It depends on the college. Most of the colleges give admission after clearing the UGC exam and some colleges conduct their own entrance test, so you have to clear the PhD Entrance Test of that college to get admission in that college.

PhD Interview

Now most of the colleges conduct personal interview before admission to Ph.D. Only after clearing you get admission in Ph.D.

PhD Degree completion time

Now you have to immerse yourself in your topic and do a lot of research on it. A thesis is to be written on it. How long is a PhD? PhD studies last for 3 years and you can stretch it to 6 years if you want. But not more than that. After doing that a doctor is placed after your name and you get a PhD degree.

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How to Crack PhD Entrance exam?

Now we will give you tips on How to Crack PhD Entrance exam? ?

  • You should do your preparation as early as possible. That is, from the first years of college, you should focus on it.
  • Consult your teachers and superiors.
  • Consider every aspect of your topic and seek guidance from PhD students on it.
  • Decide in which college and in which environment you want to do PhD. Because once you start your PhD, your life will be completely clouded.
  • Solve UGC Exam Previous Year Papers.
  • Learn to find and ask questions. And keep asking questions related to your topic and PhD to your advisor and well wishers.
  • Observe PhD students during their college years.

PhD Subject list

As we told you which subject to take up for PhD, it is entirely up to you. A PhD simply means to specialize in a subject. And you can become an expert in a subject you enjoy.

However, to help you out, we have listed some subjects in which you can pursue a PhD.

  • English
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Agriculture
  • in psychology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Business management
  • Professionally movement
  • PhD in Social Work
  • PhD in Law

Apart from this there are many subjects in which you can mainly do PhD.

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PhD fees in India

Now let’s know how much is the fee of PhD? Talking about the fee and time taken in PhD course, its fee depends on the college. Average in government college is 15 to 20 thousand rupees per annum. And private colleges have more than this.

PhD Course benefits in India

To be more keen on doing PhD, know the benefits of doing PhD course.

  • First of all, you can make your career in the subject of your interest and get a higher level degree.
  • After doing PhD, you can work as a professor and lecturer in any college.
  • It is a doctoral degree course, after doing which you have a doctor in front of your name and you get prestige.
  • If you do research in a field you are interested in, you learn new things about it and you are able to contribute to that field.
  • While doing investigate, you can visit many fascinating spots and meet individuals. That is why you have had many good and bad experiences.

Top 5 Career Opportunities in India after PhD

There are many career options after a PhD in which you can build your future.

  • You can pursue a career in the field of education and work as a professor.
  • May work in development centers and medical research.
  • After a PhD in Chemistry, one can work in chemical research centers and laboratories as an analyst.
  • A PhD in Nutrition can work in the field of scientific consultancy.
  • If you want to work as a consultant in a government department, you can do it after doing a PhD in law.

There are many other fields which you can choose according to your subject and you can work.

PhD is considered the highest degree. It takes a great deal of difficult work to do this. You will be able to do this only if you enjoy the effort and your mind will be completely focused on your subject. If you liked this complete information then you can share this information to all your friends who want to do PhD. If you have any question about this post, you can ask us in the comments. Thank You!!

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