Sports courses after 12th in India

Sports courses after 12th in India: Today we will try to know how to make a professional career in sports, how to make a career in sports and what to do to make a career in sports. There will be many of us who have been fond of playing since childhood, then gradually this hobby starts turning into passion.

This is the reason why such students are more passionate towards sports and they can pay less attention in studies. All their consideration is committed to the game. This is the reason why most of the players are very good in sports but very weak in studies, so there is no need to be disappointed at all if you are also weak in studies.

In this article we will try to know how to make a professional career in sports. How to make a career in sports and what to do to make a career in sports? There will be many students who are very fond of playing from childhood, then gradually this hobby turns into a passion and such students have more passion for sports and can pay less attention to studies. All his attention is devoted to the game itself. This is the reason why most of the athletes are very good in sports but very weak in studies, so if you too are weak in studies then no need to be discouraged.

Many such students also have this idea that how good it would be if we can make a career only in sports..? Because study is not our business. But due to lack of proper guideline and support, such students have to leave sports even if they don’t want to and then they are forced to do a degree which they don’t want to do. But if seen in real sense then sports career is a field where if you work well then you can give good leadership in this field and earn your name and money very fast not only in country but also abroad.


Sports career in India

If you are also interested in sports to make a career in sports, you can get training from various institutes of Sports Authority of India by the Government of India. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) prepares young talents in its organization and prepares students for various sports.

There are organizations in various states and cities in India which come under the Sports Authority of India (SAI) ‘Khelo India’. Apart from this there are many organizations which are supported by SAI and from which you must have heard the names of many Sport academies.

In these kind of institutes you just have to take admission and everything else depends on your sports performance and physical fitness. In these institutes no kind of theoretical knowledge is imparted.

Sports courses after 12th in India

Diploma in sports coaching in India

  • Diploma in Sports Medicine
  • Diploma in Sports Coaching
  • Diploma in Sports Management
  • Diploma in Sports Science and Nutrition

Bachelor degree in sports Coaching

  • BSc in Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sports Management
  • BSc Honors in Sports Science
  • Bachelor of Sports Management
  • Bachelor of Sports and Recreation Management
  • BBA in Sports Management

Masters in sports education in India

  • Master of Physical Education
  • MSc in Sports Science
  • Master of Sports Management
  • MBA in Sports Science
  • Sports Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine
  • Sports Graduate Diploma in Sports Management
  • Sports Graduate Diploma in Sports Business

Doctoral Program in Sports in India

  • PhD in Sports Management
  • PhD in Physical Education
  • MPhil in Physical Education

Career in sports after 10th

It will be good for you if you are participating in any sport from 8th or 10th. But if you take part in any sport after 12 you will have to pass a physical test where your stamina, fitness and time will be taken care of.

These criteria will be prepared according to the game, then if you pass it you can continue your favorite game under the supervision of the coach.

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Career opportunities in Sports

Sports Analysis Courses

The sport of sports analyst also has its own identity, so if you also feel that you have a good understanding of any sport like cricket, hockey, badminton, football etc.

Or even if you have played in a single sport up to the national or international level and won a medal, you can still build a career as a sports analyst.

Sports management courses in India

Sport management is a field of business related to all types of sports, in which the responsibility for sporting events from their maintenance and termination is carried out under one sport management.

Sport management includes all jobs related to professional sports, entertainment management, sports marketing, event management, sports finance and sports.

Best sports nutrition courses in India

Sports Nutrition is the study of nutrition and diet to improve an athlete’s performance. Sports Nutrition is an important part of many types of sports training. Which is very popular in the following sports like weight lifting, body building, wrestling, boxing, cycling, running, swimming, rowing etc.

Special attention should be paid to the amount of sports nutrition drinks and food consumed by the player. In addition, sports nutrition includes information on the intake of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and organic matter including fats.

Sports Physiotherapist Course

Sports Physiotherapists They are the ones who give full treatment to the players in case of injury and problems in physical activities. Because the physical injuries of the players have a bad effect on their game. And the game demands a high level of performance from the players, in which players are often injured, the physio’s job is to recover these injuries and take the player’s performance to a higher level.

Sports commentator courses in India

Sports Commentator provides commentary on sporting events in real-time, in the same way that commentary was provided by radio in the past. In which every activity of the game is described, sports commentary is reached by the audience through television sports coverage, which the audience can hear and see.

Sports coach course in India

A coach is very important in any sport, without a coach a player is like clay. Which has no value. Unless a player is sculpted by a coach, it is the coach’s hand behind making that player the best he can be.

A coach is a guide in the management of a team or the direction and training of individual players in a sport. Coaches monitor the performance of the players very closely and try to correct the shortcomings in the players.

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