Best Forest Guard Book PDF in Gujarati

Best Forest Guard Book PDF in Gujarati : Are you looking for the best and useful material for the preparation of Forest Guard and Van Guard Exam? So friends, don’t worry now because we have come up with some useful material for the preparation of Special Forest Department Recruitment. After reading this post you will not need to go anywhere because in this post you will get all the useful books. So let’s turn to friends.


Best Forest Guard Book PDF in Gujarati

Friends, you must have understood that it is very important to have basic knowledge for the preparation of forest department recruitment. If this basic knowledge is read from the book giving complete understanding then we can not forget it in future. So it is important to know which book to read. If you are still preparing, then you need to proceed with basic knowledge. If you have just started preparation and you are going to study at higher level then you will not remember anything and you will be helpless.

Therefore, for preparation, one should always choose such a book which is basic and understandable in which the information is given. Many candidates do not get the expected result in Forest Department Recruitment because many students do not know where to start. How to do Which book to read? So friends, whatever books we have kept here today, they will be very useful for you. We have put all the books here in PDF format which you can download from the link given below. If you like these books, please share them.

vanyajiv prashan manch PDF

Friends, this book has been published by Gujarat Forest Department. The specialty of this book is that each issue is explained in depth. This book has been specially prepared for the students who have just started preparing for the Forest Department exams.

This book mainly deals with Wildlife, Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish and Marine Life, Arthropods, Generals, Animals, Botany, Wildlife Quiz, Estimated Number of Wildlife, Sanctuaries of India, Sanctuaries of Gujarat, Special understanding of important issues is focused on. day is given. The link to download this book is given below.

  • PDF Book Name : vanyajiv prashan manch PDF
  • Writer : Forest Department, Gujarat State
  • Total Pages : 70 Page
  • PDF Size (MB) : 01 MB

Download PDF – vanyajiv prashan manch PDF

van chetna book PDF download

You will enjoy reading this book. This is a book that you do not need to read any further material after reading it. This post is also published by the Gujarat Forest Department so that all the students can prepare. There are total 436 pages in this PDF book. This PDF gives an in-depth understanding of all the issues. By just reading this one book you can complete half syllabus of forest department. But after reading this book carefully, there are many such questions from this book which have been asked many times in the examination.

This book contains National Forest Policy-12, Role and Importance of Forests, Forest Cooperation and Forest Management, Planning Map, Micro Level Planning, Guidelines for Micro Plan Preparation, Micro Planning, Seed Collection, Seed Treatment, Land and Moisture Conservation, Forest Development Agency. Information about various schemes of State Government for providing incentive rewards for tree plantation, Malta Award from Government of India, Drainage Area Development, Urban Forestry, Green India information etc…

Even without Wildlife Conservation, importance of development of artificial water bodies in forests, wildlife management, nature education, knowledge of familiar flora and importance of trees, List of National parks- Sanctuaries (Gujarat State), Indian Forest Act 1927, Indian Forest Act 1942, Wildlife, Sanctuaries and National Parks Gujarat State, Wildlife Act 1972, Indian Criminal Act, Forms, Arrest Warrant, Fast Warrant, Eco-tourism matters, Green house, Forest Engineering, Forest Cover In-depth information on such issues is given in this book. You can download this book from the following link.

  • PDF Book Name : van chetna book PDF download
  • Writer : Forest Department, Gujarat State
  • Total Pages : 436
  • PDF Size (MB) : 20 MB

Download PDF – van chetna book PDF download

sanskrutik van in Gujarat PDF

Cultural Forest PDF mainly deals with all the information about the forest. This book is very important to get all the details and context about the forest. This book is published by Gujarat Forest Department. A total of three volumes of this book have been published.

According to the Vedas and the scriptures, different names have been given to the total forests. And all the information related to that name is given in great detail in this post. You can download this PDF from the connection given underneath. And if you like this book then please share it with all the students who are preparing for upcoming forest department examination.

  • PDF Book Name : sanskrutik van in Gujarat PDF
  • Writer : Forest Department, Gujarat State
  • Total Pages : 44 Pages
  • PDF Size (MB) : 7 MB

Download PDF Now – sanskrutik van in Gujarat PDF

forest guard model papers in Gujarati PDF Download :

A total of 6 model papers are given in this PDF. You all know how useful model paper is for exam preparation. There are many questions in this book which will be asked in the next year exam. So read all these questions carefully and if you like it then share it with your friends. This book is 36 pages in total.

  • PDF Book Name : Model paper by Kaji sir
  • Writer : Kiswa Academy
  • Total Pages : 36
  • PDF Size (MB) : 1 MB

Download Free – forest guard model paper in Gujarati PDF

Also Read :

Best Forest Guard Book PDF

If you want to become a forest officer then you have to prepare this material. This material covers a very useful and important topic.

In this PDF book, useful questions like types of forest, amount and extent of rainfall in Gujarat, festivals of various important days have been given by the Forest Department of Gujarat State. The link to download this book is given in the post below.

  • PDF Book Name : Best Forest Guard Book PDF
  • Writer : Unknow
  • Total Pages : 03
  • PDF Size (MB) : 1 MB

Best Forest Guard Book PDF Download

So friends, if you like this material then share it with your friends. If you need any kind of study material, please let us know in the comments below. Happy to help

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