Rajput age Class 7 Important MCQ

Rajput age Class 7 Important MCQ : In its next post, we practiced the Gupta dynasty and got to know a lot. So friends, today we will talk about Rajput Age, so let’s start.

Parimal was watching a historical serial on television in which he saw the palace. A thought arose in his mind. Are such palaces still in existence ? Who had constructed such palaces ? Being curious, he went to his grandfather to get answers to this and other similar questions. His grandmother told him a few things like what is discussed below.

Rajput age Class 7 Important MCQ

Such palaces were constructed by kings in ancient times. We come across many such palaces- some of which are in ruins, while others are in good condition. There is a difference between the construction of structures in present times and the kind of work done in earlier ages, From these differences we can make out the period during which a particular structure was constructed. Monuments constructed during the Rajput age can be seen even today, To know about Rajput era, Let us know about the main Indian Dynasties of That time.

Rajput age Class 7 Important MCQ :

Rise of the New Dynasties :

After the death of Emperor Harshvardhana in the Middle of 7thb Century C.E, many feudal chieftains and landlords declared themselves to be independent and founded new dynasties.

The rulers of the ‘Pala’ Dynasty and ‘Sen’ Dynasty ruled in Bengal and Bihar. The rulers of the Pala Dynasty had added ‘Pala’ to their names and so their dynasty was know as the Pala Dynasty.

Many Rajput Rulers of the Chauhan and Chahman dynasty ruled over various parts of Rajasthan during 7th C.E of them, one branch ruled over shakambhari, a place near laake Sambhar which is to the north of Ajmer (Rajasthan), in the beginning of the 8th C.E. Ajayraj ascended the throne of shankbhari in the 12th Century. He established the city of Ajaymeru which later came to be know as ajmer.

The rulers of the Chauhan Dynasty captured Delhi, The capital of the tomar Kings and established their supremacy. Prithviraj-III or Rajpithora was a powerful rules of the Chauhan Dynasty . He is unparalleled in the History of India. Many stories and folk songs have been written about hus bravery on the Battlefield. Chand Bardai, A famous poet, has written about Prithviraj Chauhan adn Shahbuddin Muhammad Ghori Later.

The Gohil of Mewad, who were later known as the Sisodiya Rajputs, hold a unique positions in medieval history. It is said that Bappa Rawal established this dynasty. During the Rajput Era, the chedi dynasty rules over jabalpur which is to the south of river Narmada (Madhya Pradesh) . It was known as the ‘Chedi’ dynasty of Kalachuri with its capital at tripuri. In the Medieval era in Gujarat, The Rajput Dynasties if the Chavdas, Followed by the Solankis ruled over Anhiwada Patan.

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History of Rajput in south India :

During the Rajput period numerous of all shapes and sizes states were laid out in South India. After the Demise of Pulkeshi-II, His huge Empire crumbled into more modest states. The reign of many rulers of the Chalukya dynasty us noteworthy.

The kingdoms of the Pallava and the Chola dynasties are also includes in the States of South India. Narsinh verma was a strong ruler of the Pallava dynasty. The emperors of this dynasty were lovers of literature and arts. The kailshnath temple of Kanchi is The best examples of Pallava architectures.

The ‘Chola” dynasty also ruled in the South. Tanjor Was their capita. The leaders of Chola administration went after Ceylon and attached numerous domains. The Cholas had a powerful navy because of which they could attack countries even across the Sea. Rajraja-I adapted a very systematic way of administration in his state. He started with the measurement of land and local self government.

Apart from them, The Rashtrakuta, Chera and Pandya Dynasty also ruled in south India. So it is evident that many dynasties ruled at different places during the Rajput age. There were frequent battles between them to annex each other’s areas. Due to the Internal conflicts, there was no unity among them. Foreign invaders took advantage of this.

Rashtrakutas rules south India. Withthe fall of Chalukya dynasty Rashtrakuta came to power. Rashtrakuta means “Head of State or Areas” It is believed that the founder of the Dynasty was an officer of the community ad hence the dynasty was named after him. Out of numerous rulers Govind-III was the most impressive lord. In the 8th C.E., He established a powerful kingdom in the Deccan.

The Padyas also ruled over south India. The Pandya Denasty in believed to be very ancient. Magathenes, The Greek traveler, notes that females used to rule in this community. The inscriptions of emperor ashok also contain references to the Pandyas. The Pandyas ruled in present day Madurai and Thirunelvelli in Tamilnadu. Cheras ruled over South India, Chera is knows as Kerala. In old time , Kerala was Part if the Tamil State. Later on, Keral or Malayalam state Separated. ‘Kepalputra Rajya’ is mentioned in the inscriptions of Ashoka. Athan-II was the First strong rulers of this Dynasty. Cheran Settungvan was a powerful rulers of this dynasty.

pride of Rajput rulers of India :

Rajputs were very brave. They felt glad to surrender their lives for their country. To kick the bucket yet never dread, To safeguard the individuals who look for asylum, to talk reality and battle for truth were their exceptional qualities. Rajput women (The Great RAJPUTANI) were known for their chastity and fearlessness. They sent their husband, Sons and Brothers to the Battlefield with a Smiling face. They were so brave that if need be, They would fight on the battlefield. They Preferred ‘Jauhar’ (to burn alive) of their husband were defeated or attained martydom in wars. The heroic stories of Rajput age are engraved on golden letters in the History of India.

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Maharana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Prithviraj Chauhan and many such warriors were Rajputs. The people who gave their lives for our country. We should not forget such great heroes. If you liked this post, then tell your friends also and tell in the comment about the sacrifice of Rajputs.

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