Indian constitution PDF in Gujarati 2023

Indian constitution PDF in Gujarati 2023 : Indian constitution PDF in Gujarati available in GkVacancy. This PDF book is always helpful for Central government examinations, Various Armed & Non armed jobs government examination, GPSC, Police constable & Various government exams.


Indian Constitution PDF in Gujarati 2023

This post is about Indian Constitution PDF in Gujarati. In this post we upload Constitution PDF file for students who preparation for IBPS PO Bank, Indian civil service, Staff selection commission (SSC), Gujarat public service commission (GPSC), Gujarat police constable, Police inspector (PI), Police sub inspector (PSI) examinations.

So in this post we are going to talk about the Constitution of India. We are going to tell you who wrote the constitution of India, how many articles are there in the constitution of India, how many parts are there. So let’s start.

Important Point of Indian Constitution

Our constitution of India is written by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is also called the father of the Constitution of India. Ambedkar is also called the father of the Constitution of India. Who is known as the father of the Constitution of India? This question also comes up in examination many times. Constitution is a subject that comes under the question of all examinations of India.

There are 395 articles in 25 parts and eight schedules in the main subject of the constitution, which many times are asked in the examination of government jobs and many students are unable to answer it. If you want to come first in the government job exam, then you will have to remember all the parts, schedules and articles of the constitution of India because its questions are there in all the exams. So if you want to clear the government job exam then this topic is very important for you.

Now you have come to know that who is the father of the constitution, who is its author, how many parts and articles are there in it. Now it is the turn of such a question which is asked from college to IAS examination.
In which day and year did the Constitution of India come into force???
This question keeps coming up time and again and many students are unable to answer it. So let’s know the answer. The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950, the day India celebrates every year as Republic Day.

Father of Indian Constitution

So we have talked about all the important questions here, but still there are many such questions which come in the exam many times. So let’s discuss on that point. As mentioned in the above post, who is the father of the Constitution of India? So his answer is D. BR Ambedkar. It sounds very easy, but when this question comes in the exam, many students are unable to answer it and are unable to crack the exam with 1 or 2 marks. So all of you have to remember this question, if this question can come in any upcoming government job exam, then be ready.

25 Parts of Indian Constitution

Indian Constitution had 22 parts and 395 articles. Later 3 parts were added to it as amendments making the totally 25 Parts. The 25 parts of the Indian Constitution are tabled below:

1The Union and its territories1 to 4
2Citizenship 5 to 11
3Fundamental rights 12 to 35
4Directive principles of State policy36 to 51
5Fundamental duties 51 (A)
6The union 52 to 151
7 The states152 to 237
8The states in part (B) of first schedule(238) Repealed by Constitution
9The union territories239 to 242
10The panchayats243 to 243 (O)
11The Municipalities243 (P) – 243Z (G)
12The Co-operative societies243 (ZH) to 243 (ZT)
13The scheduled and Tribal areas244 to 244 (A)
14Relation between the Union and the States245 to 263
15Finance, Property, Contracts and Suits264 to 300 (A)
16Trade, Commerce and Intercourse within the territory of India301 to 307
17Services under the Union and the States308 to 323
18Tribunals323A to 323 (B)
19Elections 324 to 329 (A)
20Special provisions relating to certain classes330 to 342
21Official language 343 to 351
22Emergency provisions352 to 360
23Miscellaneous361 to 367
24Amendment of constitution368
25Temporary, Transitional and Special provisions369 to 392

So I hope you have understood the above parentheses very well, I request you to read the parts of the Constitution of India given in the table, and if necessary, write this topic in your notebook as well. You will benefit greatly from. Many times this part has been asked in Police Constable, PSI, and many other exams, so you should also remember it so that if you get questions from this part in your exam going forward, you can write without worry.

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You must have got the information about the simple importance of the Constitution of India. Now you have the power to download the PDF of your choice from the link given below, and all this PDF is free.

Authentic Bandharan book PDF 2023

This book is published by Government of Gujarat. You can download it absolutely free from the link given below.

  • Book Name : Bharat Nu Samvidhan (4th Edition)
  • PDF Size : 2.9 MB
  • Pages : 290
  • Book Author : Indian Government

Download – Indian constitution PDF in Gujarati 2023

Bharat nu bandharan in Gujarati

This book has been published by Voter Education Election constitution of India, Election laws and many important points have been given in PDF Book. I hope you will definitely download this book and you will also like it.

  • Book Name : Bhartiy Bandharan
  • PDF Size : 4 MB
  • Pages : 30
  • Book Author : Voter Education Election constitution of India

Download – Bharat nu bandharan in Gujarati

Bandharan Short trick PDF

Handwritten material has been given in this PDF, in which short tricks of the most intelligible Law, Part, Article of the constitution have also been given. With the help of this PDF, you can remember the constitution by simple shortcut trick, in this PDF it is written in such a way that it can be remembered in the first time.

  • Book Name : Bandharan Short trick PDF
  • PDF Size : 599 KB
  • Pages : 18
  • Book Author : N/A

Download – Indian constitution PDF in Gujarati 2023

I hope you all liked this material. If you need any material then you can tell in comment. We tring to best book you available. If you like this PDF file so you can review this PDF file and send us your review via comment. You can send your questions or queries via contact us button. Thank You!!!

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