7 Best Secret Study Tips for Exam Preparation

7 Best Secret Study Tips for Exam Preparation | Today we are going to tell you through this post how to prepare for the exam no matter what the exam is.

We see that students get emotional as the exam approaches. They start getting worried that we didn’t get anything for the whole year and now the exam is on our head. Now how we will complete our syllabus, how we should remember so that we can easily clear the exam with good marks. It is natural to get stressed in such a situation.

But with some things in mind, you can’t just prepare well. Instead, you can keep your mind free from stress as well as sharpen your mind. So let us tell you some important tips to overcome stress.

We need a peaceful place to study so that our mind can relax because when our mind is calm it starts working more and more quickly. A calm mind, a calm mind, remembers something that it remembers for a long time.

If we are stress free, in such a situation we will fail to prepare for the exam, for this we should also pay special attention to our health. So that if our health is good then we can study and do any kind of preparation.

Best Secret Study Tips

7 Best Secret Study Tips for Exam Preparation

How to be disciplined for exam preparation?

Discipline should also be given special attention in what we have talked about. We should not be disciplined that we should not move around much, we should make our own time table and study same amount of time every day. Best 5 Tips to Prepare Current Affairs.

How to prepare before the exam?

We should always start preparation before the exam and not when the exam comes. Get stressed when the exam comes Thus we should revise our entire syllabus so we should start studying before the exam.

Make a Study Plan & Time Table

We should always plan how much we have to study each day. However, on the same day, if we read continuously for 2 to 3 hours we will not remember any of it, we will not remember even a single line, so this is important.

Make a study plan, how much we have to study today, read as much as you can remember every day, whether it is the whole lesson or half. Pay special attention to the time table. We should also make a time table. Whether it is evening or afternoon or morning or night, you should study at a certain time, whether it is half an hour, an hour, 2 hours or 3 hours, whatever time you study, it It should be read daily at the same time.

Do Not Take Long Break

Do not take long breaks during study. Usually experts advise taking breaks during your preparation but they do not specify the time and number of breaks. Ideally you should take a 15 minute break for every 45 minutes of study time. Also don’t divide the 15 minute break into 10+5+5+10 or 5+5+5 as this will distract you. So how about a short break in an hour to maintain concentration during study i.e. 60 minutes = 45 minutes study 15 minutes a break.

NUMBER WHILE READING When you start your preparation, read the topic you need to learn and then make a sentence to make it easy to learn. To make it easier, you use bullet numbering, special symbols or mind mapping ie. diagrams to indicate the answers and related topics. can

How to make notes for exam preparation?

How to prepare for the exam? You can read your notebook not only from the book but what happens in the notebook that if you read only from the book you will find full details written in it. Career Options After 12th Arts.

But when you memorize from a notebook, we have to read only those important lines that we need most. It also says the same, we will have less time to remember and it will be easier. And remember so much, try to write so much that our brain revises the same again and remembers for a long time.

How to do adequate revision for exam preparation?

Read as much as you can remember, by reading more you will not remember anything but you will forget completely. You keep revising with that which will not be of any use. If you just remember and remember the next day and the next day and the third day after that you will forget the past, so revision is also very important for you.

Solve Model papers and Old Papers

Let us tell you how to prepare for the exam? During the exam, before that the model papers are available at Book Depot. From there you can buy model papers according to your subject, which you can solve at the comfort of your home. This will help you a lot and the old papers which you should have been students of that class before.

Take old papers from them and solve them, so you can remember a lot and you can also get solved questions from those old papers in your exam.

Take a Healthy Diet

If it is thought that one should study only for exam preparation. If you have to remember, where did this postic diet come from? But let us tell you that for good health we need nutritious food, which is very helpful in developing our mind.

If we eat good food, our mind, our mind will work well and our body will also be healthy and fit. We get energy from post food. Which we need during exam. We need to remember to read and write, not only during exams, we need energy all the time. Which is obtained only and only through nutritious food.

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