UPSC Full Information in Gujarati

UPSC Full Information in Gujarati : Friends, today here you will find out about an exam in India that is dreamed of by more than millions of people and this exam is one of the toughest exams. Today you will find out about UPSC exam here. In this article you will find out what is the educational qualification required for UPSC exam, what is the age limit for it, what is its syllabus and many other things about UPSC. Let’s start…


UPSC Civil Services Exam Information In Gujarati

Millions of friends apply for UPSC Civil Service Examination every year. In which very few people pass this exam. These are the successful people who are systematically preparing for this exam. This test is viewed as perhaps of the most troublesome test. UPSC whose complete name is Union Public Service Commission. Which is known in Gujarati as Sangh Lokseva Aayog. Friends take this exam and by passing it you can get a job in a prestigious position like IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS, IRTS, ICLS.

What is Age limit of UPSC Exam :

Friends, if you want to see the minimum age for UPSC exam, you should have completed 21 years and if you want to see the maximum, the age limit has been fixed at 3 years. In which the age limit of General Category and EWS Category candidates has been kept for 3 years. The final age limit for SC and ST category candidates is 3 years and for OBC category candidates it is 3 years. Which you can see in the UPSC Civil Services notification issued every year.

How often can a candidate appear for the UPSC exam:

Generally speaking, you can try 3 in UPSC exam. But there are different arrangements for reserved candidates. General category candidates can apply 3 times, OBC category candidates 3 times and SC, ST category candidates up to their age limit. For SC and ST candidates he can make as much effort as he wants till his age limit.

What are the educational qualifications for UPSC exam :

Generally speaking, people who have completed their graduation can apply for the UPSC exam i.e. fill up the form for this exam. If you are in the last year of graduation and the last semester, you can fill up the form for this exam.

How many parts of UPSC exam is taken ?

Friends UPSC Civil Service Examination is conducted in three parts. In which first preliminary examination, then main examination and finally interview examination are taken. In which your first preliminary exam is of multiple choice type. In the main exam you have to write and finally the interview exam is taken orally.

UPSC Prelims Syllabus in Gujarati

Friends The primary stage of the Civil Service Examination is the Preliminary Examination. In which you have to give 3 papers. Both these papers will be of 200 marks. The first paper of Civil Service will be of General Studies and the second paper will be of CSET (Aptitude Test). In general study paper you will get 100 questions and each question will be of 5 marks. In CSET paper you will get 20 questions and each question will be of 2.5 marks. In both these papers you will be given 3 hours.

In the first paper general study of civil service examination, you will be asked questions in general studies like history, current affairs, economics, geography, constitution of India, panchayati raj, Indian state system. While in the second paper of this exam you will be asked questions from topics like General Mental Ability, Logical Reasoning.

Note : Friends, if there is any major paper from both these papers, it is for general study. You essentially should be more isolating with the help you with conveying toward others. Another paper of preliminary examination in which only you have to bring 5% marks. In other words, in a paper of 200 marks, you have to pass by bringing 9 marks. If a candidate has got 12 marks in general study paper and 50 marks in cesset paper and you have got 50 marks in general study paper and 150 marks in cesset paper then you will not be passed. Because the cesset paper is only for passing. If the main paper is for prelim examination then it is for general study.

UPSC Main Exam Pattern :

If you pass the prelim exam, you will have to take the next main exam. You will get 3 papers in the main exam of UPSC Civil Services Examination and you will have to write these 3 papers.

The first paper of the main examination will be in English and the second paper will be in the language you choose given in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution. Both these papers will be of 200-300 marks and in this paper you will have to bring 5% marks i.e. 3 marks. If you can’t get so many marks in both these papers then there is no point in giving further paper. Suppose you fail the first paper in English subject then your second paper will not be checked. So these two papers are important. The marks of these two papers are not considered further. In this you just have to pass.

The third paper of the main examination will be essay writing. In which you will have to write an essay on questions on topics like current situation and current trends. The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh papers will be of general practice. If we look at General Abhas-1, the question will come from the subjects of history, geography and culture. If we look at General Study-2, it will ask questions on topics like constitution, state system and international relations. In General Study-2 you will be asked questions from subjects like Economics, Science and Environment. In General Study-2 you will be asked a question based on ethical values.

The seventh and eighth papers of the Civil Service Examination are for you to choose. You have to choose any of the 9 subjects that UPSC gives in its official notification and give its paper. Most of the time, students keep the subjects they have learned in their college days so that it is easier for them to prepare further.

You are required to bring 5% marks in essay writing paper, 4 general study papers and 3 papers you have to choose. All these papers will be 50 times for you. If we look at the total marks, it is 120 marks. Looking ahead now, an interview examination is organized for the candidate who will pass in this. Which are as follows.

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UPSC Interview in Gujarati :

If you pass the main exam successfully, you are called to Delhi for the interview exam. The commission conducts the interview in February, March or April. This exam will be for your 5 marks. Thus, if we look at the last, your merit will be prepared from 120 marks and 2 marks together from 206 marks.

UPSC Full Information in Gujarati

In UPSC exam your prelim exam question paper will come in Hindi and English language.

  • You can also give the UPSC men’s exam in Gujarati language.
  • You can also give the interview of Civil Service Examination in Gujarati.
  • When UPSC issues its notification, you can take the Mains Exam and Interview Exam in any of the languages ​​listed.

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